Basic Info

Follow along with the above video to learn about the Basic Info section of creating an event.

Admin and super admin can create an event for their organization on the Events tab. To begin, click "Add" to the right of the Event tab title.

After selecting Add on the main Events tab, you will be taken to the following (albeit blank) page:

As you can see, I have already put in some of the basic information for the event. These include:

  • Event Name: The title of your event
  • Date: This is the date of your event, or, if it is repeating, the first date of your event
    • In this example, I have used the dropdown list on "This event repeats:" to make the event monthly on the 19th, lasting from April 19, 2021, to July 19, 2021. If your event does not repeat, select never from the dropdown list. If it does repeat, consider the auto-generated options from the dropdown list or create your own repetition by choosing custom events.
  • End Date: This is only applicable for repeating events. This is the last date your event occurs.
  • Description: This is a short description of your event that will be seen by those looking at your event.
  • Day-of-event instructions for volunteers (Optional): This is where you would input information for your volunteers about any requirements, notes, or specific instructions for the event.
    • For example, I told the volunteers to, "Bring non-perishable goods (if possible), and wear your masks!"

Once you've finished inputting your basic info, scroll down to the "Point of Contact" section. It should look similar to this:

Decide whether you would like to assign a Point of Contact for your event. This is an optional section. The Point of Contact will provide their contact information in order to (a) receive email notifications regarding volunteer registration and (b) be open for additional questions. 

Once you've moved past the Point of Contact section, determine the visibility of your event. The event will be public by default, meaning anyone with the Civic Champs app may view and register for the event. A private event, on the other hand, can only be seen by, and thus only available for sign-up by, those with a direct link. To change your event's visibility from public to private, use the dropdown list under visibility to select "Private."

Before proceeding, review all your information. If all information is correctly input, click the Next button. If not, feel free to press Save for Later to save the event as a draft and edit and publish it in the future. 


Follow along with the above video to learn about the Location section of creating an event.

After clicking "Next" on the Basic Info section, you will be taken to the location page:

Here, enter the address of the event into the Google address search bar. The address I have entered is 303 Pearce Mill Rd, McCandless, Pennsylvania. The Google maps image beside it should be able to find that location.

Afterward, use the scroll bar beneath the map, labeled "Geofence Radius," to adjust a radius for volunteers to check-in. The default and recommended radius is set to 200 ft.

After filling out the location section, you can press "Save for Later" to save the event as a draft, "Back" to edit the basic info, or "Next" to move on.


Follow along with the above video to learn about the Shifts section of creating an event.

Once you hit "Next," you will be taken to the "Shifts" section of creating an event. Most events require various roles to be fulfilled. This section allows you to organize the roles by shift and limit how many people can sign up for each role.

For example, I want to create a morning and afternoon shift for my event. To begin, I type in the start and end times for the shift. Because I want to separate morning from afternoon, I choose 9:00 am to 12:00 pm for the first shift. Afterward, I name the shift. Here, I have named it: "Morning Shift." Generally, for ease, we recommend naming shifts by time of day.

Now, I move onto inputting the roles for that shift. First, I name the role: "Pantry Re-Organizer." Choose something your volunteers will understand. Then, decide the maximum number of volunteers for that role. I have chosen 4. If there is no maximum, input an impossible value, such as 999999.

If you would like to add multiple roles, select "Add another role," and input the information for those roles.

Here I have added two other roles:

If there are multiple shifts, there are two ways to create a new shift:

  • Select the "Add shift" button found at the bottom. This will create a new, completely blank shift section.
  • Select the "Duplicate" button beside the first shift. This will create a copy of the first shift that you can edit to fit the new shift.

To create my afternoon shift, I selected "Duplicate" and changed the start and end times and name of the shift. The roles remained the same:

Once all information is entered for your shift, press "Save for later" to save as a draft, "Back" to edit an earlier section, or "Next" to move to the next step."

Custom Questions

Follow along with the above video to learn about the Custom Questions section of creating an event.

Moving on from "Shifts" will bring you to the "Custom Questions" section. Events typically yield special requirements from volunteers. Using this section, your organization has the ability to add waivers and/or custom questions to particular events.

Adding Waivers

To add a waiver, first select "Add" to the right of the title, "Waivers."

A box will pop up, asking you: "What waiver would you like to add to this event?" You have two options:

  • Using the dropdown list, select a waiver from your saved waivers.
  • Create a new waiver by selecting the "New Waiver" button. Learn more about creating a new waiver here.

Once you have chosen your waiver, select "Add."

For my event, I selected a saved waiver and added it to my event:

Multiple waivers may be added to the event by simply following the same process above.

Adding Question Sets

In addition to waivers, question sets may be added to an event.

There will automatically be a dropdown bar to choose a question set from your saved questionnaires. If you wish to do so, type the name of your desired questionnaire into the dropdown box to find it. If you do not wish to add a saved questionnaire, hit the orange X button to the right of it. The box will be removed.

After removing the box, you can now:

  • Select Add Existing Question Set, to generate another dropdown box to see your saved questionnaires and add them to your event;
  • Select Create New Question Set, to create a new questionnaire to add to your event;
  • Or select nothing, scroll down, and move on to the next section.

If you would like to utilize the box, follow along below.

For my event, I used the initial dropdown box provided to me and chose a saved questionnaire entitled, "Re-Organize Food Pantry:"

A question set can be required or optional; if you would like to make yours optional, check the box next to the word Optional. I am not checking the box, so as to make my questions required.

I have now finished adding that questionnaire to my event.

You can add more than one question set if you want. There are two ways to do this:

  • If you would like to add another saved question set, select Add Existing Question Set.
  • If you would like to make and add a new question set, select Create New Question Set.

Once you have finished adding the waivers and question sets needed for your event, you can decide to "Update Draft," or save as draft, go back to a previous section, or click "Next" to move on.


Follow along with the above video to learn about the Review section of creating an event.

Once all sections are created, thoroughly review all of the information.

If everything is correctly input, select the Publish button. If not, hit the Save for Later. To edit any of the information, click the Back button. To delete the entire draft, select Cancel.