Follow along with the video above to learn how to register a volunteer to an event.

If a volunteer does not currently have the Civic Champs app or is being transferred from another method of sign up, manually input information to register the volunteer for an event. 

To begin, go to the "Volunteers" sub-tab of the event in question. Select the "Add" button.

The following box will show up:

First, answer the basic personal information about the volunteer, including their email address, given name (i.e., first name), and family name (i.e., last name). You can do this one of two ways:

  • Use the email dropdown list to select the individual from your saved volunteer list.
  • Manually input the volunteer's email and first and last names.

I used the email dropdown list to begin adding myself as a volunteer:

Afterward, use the shift dropdown menus to register the volunteer for that shift. The roles within that shift should then pop up. Choose the role for that volunteer.

If that volunteer is serving more than one shift, select "Add another Shift" to register them for another shift.

Finally, if you have added a custom question to your event, select the corresponding answer for your volunteer. Once you have finished, submit the volunteer by selecting the "Add" button.