Follow along with the video above to learn how to edit information in the Profile tab.

Similar to the app's Home page, the profile page breaks down into multiple sections. The extended menu seen below can be viewed by simply clicking Profile from the Main Menu:

From there, several options may be chosen.


Under Name, a user may edit the name they entered while creating their profile. 

To change your name, retype the correct first and/or last name, and click the Save button. From there, any location where a name was displayed before will now show the updated name.


The second option involves a profile picture. To add an image, click Picture. Then, determine whether the picture should be taken live via your camera or chosen from an image in your phone gallery. Click on your choice. From there, follow the prompts to upload the picture to your profile.


Once a profile is created, you may also edit your birthday if it was incorrectly typed in initially. To do so, click Birthday. Then, click on the current date. A scroll bar at the bottom of the screen will display for easier input. Select Save once the birthday is correctly entered.

Phone and Email

Similar to editing your name and birthday, you can add or edit your saved phone number and email address by going to the Phone and Email tabs and changing the information there. Don’t forget to hit Save once the correct information is input!


In the event that you would like to change your password, go to the Password tab. You will be prompted to enter the old password and type a new one in. To ensure the password was correctly spelled, type in the new password twice. Once entered, click the Submit button on the bottom of the screen. Use this new password to log in from now on. 


The Civic Champs app caters to users' needs based on permission preferences. Though it is not recommended for optimal usage, users have the ability to turn off their location, motion & fitness, or notifications. 

To change these preferences, click “Permissions”. Select “Change Permission”. Once the button is clicked, the app will redirect to your phone’s settings. From there, the option to change your preference is available.