Follow along with the video above to learn about the Home tab. 

When entering the Civic Champs app, you will automatically be directed to a composite view of your hours, and the option to check-in or log hours. When in close physical proximity to the task, simply click Check In. If the task has already been completed or is remotely completed, select Log Hours. 

Logging Previous Hours

If you choose to log previous hours, first find your organization in the selection of organizations. Input the name of your organization in the search engine at the top of the screen to filter through organizations until you find the correct one. Once the organization is selected, click Next.

Afterwards, input the date and duration of the volunteering. Next, use the dropdown menu to determine the type of activity. In this example, the activity is "General." Finally, if applicable, enter a group name or number. Once all information is entered correctly, click Add.

All volunteering data will filter into the Activity Log tab.

Setting a Timer

If the event is not registered, simply set a Timer. To access the timer, first click on Check In on your home screen. A pop-up will appear informing you that there are no check-in events near you; it will ask if you want to start a volunteer timer. Select Timer.

You will then be taken to a screen to search for the organization that you are setting the hours for. Enter the name in the search bar, and select the correct organization. Press Next once you have finished. You will be taken back to the home screen, and the timer will begin:

Similar to when Checking In, the number of hours completed in this span of time will be visible to the user once the timer has stopped. To stop the timer once the task has been completed, select Check Out

Checking Out

Whether you use the timer or the Check In function, you will have to press the Check Out button on your home screen once you finish volunteering:

After selecting Check Out, you will be taken to a screen that looks like the following:

Your organization's name should appear at the top. Below that will be the length of time that you have been volunteering, with your Check-In and Check-Out times featured. Double check that those times are correct; if not, select Edit in the orange boxes. Underneath the boxes will be a dropdown list for you to select your activity. In this case, the activity is "General." Finally, if applicable, enter your group name or number. Once you have input and double-checked this information, select Next.

The following screen will ask you for feedback about your experience. It should look similar to this:

If you would like, provide a written reflection about your experience volunteering, and/or select the emoji face that best represents how you are feeling. This can provide valuable feedback to your organization. Once finished, select Finish Check Out.