Follow along with the video above to learn about using Kiosk mode at an event.

A unique feature for admin and super-admin is Kiosk mode. When in Kiosk mode, volunteers may check-in and check-out of an event.

Note: Administrators must have created an event prior to using Kiosk mode to use it for the event. Additionally, administrators must be within the geofence radius for the event.

Entering Kiosk Mode

First, select the Kiosk tab. A list of events that are eligible to enter Kiosk mode will be shown. Click on the event desired and press Start Kiosk Mode. An image of the geographic location will display. 

Checking In

From there, a list of all pre-registered volunteers will display. A volunteer may register in 2 ways: 

1. Type in their name or email; once the corresponding name displays, click "Check In."

2. Register as a new volunteer by clicking "Sign Up" in the top right corner.

Volunteers signing up will be prompted to enter the following information: first and last name, email, phone number, and birthday.

Once the volunteer has officially signed up, confirm they are being tracked by looking for a green popup in the left hand corner. This notification signifies a successful check in.

Checking Out

After finishing volunteering, volunteers will have the opportunity to check out. Above the search bar used to check in, text displays saying Check Out. Select check out and the color scheme will change. When checking in, a blue highlight will appear; when checking out, it will be red.

In the same way as check in, use the search bar to identify the corresponding volunteer. Once selected, click Check Out. 

The volunteer checking out will be presented with the following check-out box:

They will have to choose from the dropdown list their activity. They can also (optionally) input their team or write a reflection. Once finished, they should select, "Check Out."

A successful check-out should result in a green pop-up on the lefthand side, similar to the check-in.

Leave Kiosk Mode

To leave Kiosk mode, an administrator must first select "Leave Kiosk Mode" in the lower righthand corner.

They must then enter their login information. The security check is essential to avoid any accidental exits and logouts, but also protects private information your organization has about yourselves and volunteers.

Press Login & Exit to leave Kiosk mode. The volunteer information will now be recorded in your Activity Log.