Follow along with the above video to learn how to cancel an event.

Administrators can cancel an event if they want to do so. From the Events tab, first click on the date of the event you would like to delete. Then, click on its title, which will take you to its individual event page.

From its individual event page, click on the Cancel Event button beside the event title. 

There are two different paths from here. If the event is a recurring event, you will get the following pop-up box, asking if you would like to:

  • Cancel only this iteration of the event
  • Cancel this event and all of its recurrences after it
  • Cancel this event and all iterations of the event before and after it.

Choose what you wish to do, and select Cancel.

If the event is not a recurring event, the pop-up box will simply ask if you are sure you would like to cancel the event. Select Yes, Cancel.

Those currently registered for your event will receive a notification that the event was cancelled.