Follow along with the video to learn how to end a campaign early. 

If needed after a campaign is published and active, administrators can end a campaign early. To do this, on the Campaigns Sub-Tab within the larger Donations tab, find the campaign that you would like to end. From there, click the title of the campaign to be taken to its individual campaign page.  

On the individual campaign's page will be an Edit Campaign button beside the title of the campaign. Click on it to open the campaign's editing page.  

Once you click the Edit button, you will be redirected to the Review section of campaign editing. Click on the "Basic Info" section tab to find the start and end date for the campaign. 

From here, click on the "End Date" box located under the basic info header. Then you can chose the date in which you would like to end the campaign early on and select "OK."

Once you've finished editing the campaign end date, be sure to go to the Review section and select Save.