Above your Champions dashboard in the Overview sub-tab, there are two checkboxes: Include Archived and Include Inactive. Checking or unchecking these boxes alter both your view of the dashboard as well as the dynamic data box above your dashboard (displaying number of champions, hours volunteered, donations, and estimated impact). What do these checkboxes mean?

Include Inactive: An inactive champion is a volunteer that has completed no volunteer activities in the timeframe selected. This means that a volunteer being considered inactive is dependent on the date in your date-picker in the upper righthand corner. Selecting Include Inactive includes those with no volunteer hours in your dashboard and in your overall data box numbers. Unchecking it removes them from view as well as excludes them from your data box totals.

Include Archived: Archived champions are volunteers that you have hidden from view. Reasons for archiving volunteers may be because they have moved or have stopped volunteering, and though you do not wish to view them on your Champions list, you want to keep their records in case. Selecting Include Archived includes these volunteers in your dashboard and in your data box numbers.

How to Archive a ChampionIt may happen that you want to archive a champion in your Champions tab. As a warning, this action should only be taken if you are certain that this volunteer will no longer be logging hours for your organization. The reasoning behind this is that unarchiving volunteers is more arduous than archiving them and can only be performed by the Civic Champs team.

If you decide to archive a champion, first ensure that Include Archived is unchecked. Then, find the champion you would like to hide and select the checkbox in the leftmost column, next to their first name. The row of that champion should turn blue. From there, select the blue button above the dashboard that says Archive.

You will see a pop-up that asks to confirm your decision. Select Archive Volunteer to finish archiving your champion. Their activities and account will now only be visible when Include Archived is checked.

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