Follow along with the video above to learn how to edit information in the Profile tab. 

Once you have created your Civic Champs profile, you have the ability to edit your information, either to correct your profile or to personalize it. To edit your profile, begin on the homescreen of the app. There are multiple ways to go to your profile from here.

One way is to simply click on your photo (or, if you do not have a photo, the blue circled person icon) in the middle of the page. This will directly take you to your profile.

A second way is to select the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner. From there, you can select either your name and icon at the top of the menu or Profile from the menu options.

Once you are on your Profile screen, you can edit any of the information by selecting the orange pencil in the upper righthand corner.

Your profile will now look like this:

Here, you have multiple options:

  • To add or change a profile photo, select the orange pencil on top of your photo (or, if you have no photo, the blue circled person icon).
  • To edit your first and/or last name, select the orange person with a pencil icon next to it.
  • To edit or add an email, phone number, or your birthday, select change next to the piece of information you would like to edit or add.

In this example, I will be adding my profile photo and editing my name.

When you go to add or change a profile photo, you have the choice to either take a photo on the spot by using Camera or choose a photo from your saved phone photos by selecting Gallery. I used Gallery to select my photo.

Once the photo has been chosen, select Save to add it to your profile.

In the event that you would like to add or edit any of the written information, you can do so. In this example, I wanted to edit my first and last name. Type in the boxes your preferred changes, and either choose the orange X to cancel your changes or the blue checkmark to save them.

Once you head back to your homescreen, you will see that your changes have been saved!

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