To locate a meeting regarding a mentor, mentee, program, type, and meeting type. Select the yellow Filters button. 

Here you will be able to input the specific meeting type information, in the tab Column select from the drop-down the specific results you would like to retrieve.

After you have selected the column type you would like to search, you will next select the operator. The default operator for this search is listed as “is” within this dropdown menu. 

Next, you will select the value of the meeting you are looking for, this specific example displays a program value, a value for a program name that you have created within your Programs tab. 

Once you have inserted all the necessary information in your filter. Select Apply to retrieve your specific 



After you have selected apply, you will have a display of your results highlighted in yellow in the first row listed with the description tabs. 

To add additional filters to the one you have filled in, select the yellow add button, and repeat the steps above to display your results. 

To export the data results, select Export CSV to generate the information in a spreadsheet