A program is a mechanism that is used for mentorship survey questions you would like to have answered by a mentor and a mentee. Anytime a new survey set is created you will want to create a new program. Each program will be set up with a unique set for mentors and mentees to engage with and assist with managing reporting within your organization.

To gather responses for your mentorship survey, you will need to create a program to link with your mentorship survey. 

To begin you will select the yellow Add button to create a new program. 

Next, you will be prompted to create your new program and fill out your program information 

Once you have inserted your program name, you will see the option Draft and Active if you are not ready for the survey to become live for view, or still need to make edits to your survey. You will select the Draft option, if you are ready for your program to become live on the app you will select the option to become Active.

You will also be able to select a start date of when you would like for your program to start and also select an end date of the program(if applicable). You will also provide a program description to label your program. After you have filled out the program information. 

You will select Create New Program, next, you will be prompted to the Configure Surveys Page

On the Configure Surveys page, you will see a drop-down for the question set, if your program has a Mentor Question set associated with the program, you will select from the Mentorship Surveys that correspond to the program. 

Similarly, for the Mentee Question set, you will select from the drop-down option and choose from the list of surveys you have created that corresponds to the program you are creating. 

Once you have made this selection for your program, you will select Set Surveys and your program will be created within your Programs tab.