Mentorship Surveys are questionaries you will create to connect with a program for your organization. You will make these surveys for your mentors and/or mentees to respond to after a meeting. 

To create a survey, select the yellow add button 

You will be prompted to the New Survey page, here you will type in the Survey name 

To add an additional question to your survey, select the Add New Question tab

Next, you will select from the question type drop-down and choose from the question types listed. You will be able to select from a dropdown of short text questions that allow for short responses, the long text allows for longer responses, and for multiple choice questions you are able to choose more than one response from the drop-down list.

 A dropdown is a list of multiple answers but only one answer can be selected. Similarly to a dropdown selection single choice you are only able to select one answer, but you are only able to have two answer choices toward your question. A number selection will only allow for a number response to your question

To add a new question to your survey select Add New Question

To delete a question from a survey, click on the delete question button. 

To create changes to a question, select the pencil icon to edit a question 

To duplicate a question you have created, select the duplicate icon