To schedule a meeting with a mentee, open the Civic Champs App

At the bottom right-hand corner, select the person icon. From here you will see a list of options, select Mentor 

At the top of your screen, you will see a person icon with the name of one of your mentees. To select a mentee to interact with, tap on the name drop-down and select from the list of mentees you would like to interact with.

From here you will select navigate to the tab of schedule a meeting.

The new meeting screen will appear, to email an invite to the mentee. Select the date you would like to conduct the meeting, the start time, and the end time. The location of where the meeting will take place and the agenda and goals that correspond to the meeting if applicable. 

Once you have completed each section of the meeting, select Save

After you have saved the meeting, a meeting invite will be sent to your mentee.