To log feedback about a scheduled meeting, select Log feedback

Next,  you will be prompted to a Log feedback window, if you have scheduled meetings in the past, and did not collect feedback about the meeting. You can select a drop-down menu of meetings in the For a Scheduled Meeting drop-down and select the meeting you wish to provide feedback for. 

Once you have selected Continue, you will be redirected to the questionnaire associated with this specific meeting. 

If your meeting with your mentee was not scheduled within the app, select the action We had an unplanned interaction

After you have selected Continue, you will be directed to the unplanned interaction page and to fill out the date of the meeting, and the time of day (you will select from a drop-down of the time of day), and also you will be able to select how many minutes you met for the mentoring session. 

Once this has been completed you will select continue and complete the questionnaire associated with your mentee